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marilynMarilyn Spoja, CEO and Co-Founder

Marilyn Spoja is a small business and life transition coach who helps individuals, entrepreneurs and creative types find the path to their life’s purpose by making the most of their strengths and accessing their resources.

For 32 years Marilyn has helped start-ups in various industries get on their feet, helped creative types refine their method of expression and individuals to access their inner resources to deal with current challenges that limit thriving in their lives.

Also, Marilyn is the mother of a Marine heavy-lift helicopter pilot stationed at Camp LeJeune in North Carolina, who is in charge of operations. She is an active Blue Star Mom, which is a national nonprofit organization  for mothers of military sons and daughters.


The Reset Go program facilitates positive changes in people by teaching skills and offering tools to enable them to access their inner creativity and problem-solving resources. This allows them to uncover opportunities in their lives that are not immediately apparent in their current mode of thinking.

Reset Go was created as a military veteran-specific program to support veterans in identifying their unique value. The program creates the environment where an individual can regroup internally–in effect, reset their thinking–and go forward into their current civilian life with direction, purpose, and a nimble attitude.

Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Our programs shift thinking just one degree—which provides space for new results.

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Marilyn Spoja

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